designer interior stickers

They have been around for a while now but I still think these are rather nice, a good way to add something a little different to the walls in your office or home!

I’m a big fan of TADO so am biased to their offerings.

Find out more about the amazing TADO

Help Japan

Check out this lovely Help Japan poster by James White of Signalnoise.

If you want one of these beautiful prints pre-order from the second batch now!

All proceeds generated from sales of this poster will be donated to Japanese disaster relief following the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami of March 11.

Atmos 40th Anniversary Bearbrick

Atmos have released their 10th anniversary Be@rbrick, glow in the dark, flocked, see through and in 100% and 400% versions. What more could you want!

Available from artoyz:

Wall painted animation

An incredible wall painted animation by BLU.

He-Man inspiration


plagiarism (for praga zine)

Things I wanted as a child, but never got! #1

This is NOT my Battle Cat!

Drunken Master of the Universe

Skeletor, by the swamp

He-Man & Battlecat

He-Man Card art!


Mer-Man goes swimming

He-Man & Battlecat II


Good Versus Evil 2


Divide & Conquer (aka Warporn).

Calvin & Hobbes? Nah - Adam & Cringer

Feelin' Super Similar

Heman and the masters of sparse clothing

Evil ones / Malvados

Good and Evil


It's a beautiful day!


By the Power of Paint



Mr. & Mrs. Evil Lord Of Destruction


Dont Throw The Sword!

The Thick Of It


Mellizos / Twins


Masters of the Universe Classics - He-Man

secret garden(les metrosexuels de l'univers)

He - Man B-Side

Some other He-Man and Masters of the Universe inspirational imagery:

Some photos from Flickr

The form of silence.

bleu blanc rouge

Chez Claude! - Skating action

Dolly Red

Ygdrassil Development Project

Custom sneakers

Custom NIKE Air Force 1

custom Nike Air Force 1


See a full list of awesome custom sneakers on You The Designer